About the author

Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Psychological Sciences. Founder and head of the SRI “World martial art traditions study and criminalistic research of weapon handling”, the “The Memory Institute”, the SRI “International Fate-Analysis Association”;
– Head of Palermitan school “Scuola Palermitana di Scherma Siciliana”..
– Grand Maestro of the Spanish Chevaleresque School “Achinech”..
– President of the CIS Philippine Martial Arts Federation “Rister International Martial Arts”..
– Maestro of Bruno Giovarsi Palermitan School.
– Professor of true spanish fencing – Destreza.

Author of the books such as “Motor Cognition”, “Spontaneous Cognition”, “In pursuit of Impulse”, “Enigma. Ignorance Liquidation”, “On Your Knives”, “Makhalovo”, “Knightly order of Russian Thief”, “Black Death”, “Black Logic“, “Pikaya Secret”, “54”, “55”, “Cloak and Dagger”, “Claw and horn”, “Eternal Pain”, “Criminal by Command”, “Combat against a knife, no weapon combat. Palermitan Style”, “Genoese knife handling style”, “Analysis of Spanish fencing technique”, “Norman system. Restoration of warrior tradition”, “30 tricks of vulgar fencing and general fencing with sword only”.
With the guidance of the scientist Oleg Maltsev, scientific associates of SRI “World martial art traditions study and criminalistic research of weapon handling” following treatises were translated into Russian for the first time:

“Treatise on the Science of Weapons with Philosophical Reflections” (Camillo Agrippa), “The Reasons Causes of Victorious Handling of Weapons of Attack and Defense “(Giacomo di Grassi),” Fencing Science “(Blasco Florio),” The Academy of the Sword” (Gerard Thibaut),” School or Theater “(Nicoletto Giganti),” The tricks of vulgar and common fencing with sword only and paired weapon” (Luis Pacheco de Narvaez), “Simple way of examining teachers in the art of fencing with weapons” (Luis Pacheco de Narvaez), “The Art of Excellent Possession of the Sword” (Francesco Alfieri).